The only reason 99.9% of people bought a computer

You could use this blog for masturbating, venting hatred, narcissism, procrastination and general life wasting. Excessive use can stunt your personality and send you blind.

I think that is our main problem with our culture… The desensitizing of any morals, any values, the understanding of principals to civil liberty, civics in general, and respect to peoples privacy.
We are bombarded with advertisements trying to tell you want you need and desire. We watch news stories censored from some truth, and accept opinion newscasts (like Fox News and MSNBC) as actual news, when it is clearly only opinion, not fact.
We have been made to believe that we have no say in anything, and the government has the power over the people, when they answer to us. Our apathy and lack of resistance is totally destroying us.

Its not who blows the whistle, it is the fact that the whistle was blown and we have an obligation to react. This is our government, of the people, by the people. Not a government created for a certain few, to rule over the rest.
Fear is a terrorists weapon. So why does the government preach it everyday?
If you cease to be afraid, you can overcome any obstacle, any problem. The courage to face adversity is a fundamental American principal…

Honestly. Its gotten to the stage of, “What are you really trying to hide?”
This is preposterous and alarming to me, that our government needs to spy on us and stockpile our phone, email, and social media information and posts.

Honestly, to what degree? With that, they could script your life to make you out to be anything they want, to possibly persecute or defame you.
It is this “possibility”, that no American should stand for, ever…


Albert Einstein in Fuzzy Slippers

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